Design Overview

Estimated top Speed: 300mph

Accelerating at ~1 g for 80% of track length

Electric motor propulsion

~700 amps and ~700 volts required

Aluminum frame

~100 lbs

15+ factor of safety

Mechanized clamp system

Carbon fiber shell

Light weight


Eddy current brake (located at rear of pod)

Friction brakes (located on wheels)

Emergencey breaks (located near clamp)

Power System

Full Battery array

A 282-brick Lithium-Polymer battery array

Provides 700V and 700A to our 342 kW motor

Controls Systems

Sensor System



Hall Effect



Motor Controller

Chassis & Suspension


Provide clamping pressure for our drive wheel to the track increases friction of our wheel on the track, helping us go faster


Helps to provide stability for our pod Provides horizontal stability, preventing our pod from moving left and right

Helps prevent our pod from rising during acceleration

Braking & Propulsion

Drive Wheel

A 342 kW motor, provides 400 Nm of torque to our pod

Propels our pod to a top speed of 300 MPH

A polyurethan coating provides shock absorption while increasing the coefficient of friction between our wheel and the track

A belt drive provides the power to the wheel